EZCast Pro - how to remove local WiFi connection?

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EZCast Pro - how to remove local WiFi connection?

Postby Charles Cotton » Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:59 am

I am trying to remove a previously established local WiFi network from my EZCast Pro dongle, but without success.
I am in Advanced mode, and under Network Management. I can see the network I want to remove, it is ticked as active. I also see a couple of other ones close by, not ones that I want. When I select it, my SSID doesn't load into the dialog box as it does for the ones I'm not connected to.
By typing in my password to the one I'm connected to, it can FORGET it, but not REMOVE it.

The v2 Manual is not help with this level of detail. It appears I cannot post a picture of the screens here, so I'll email this to support as well.

How do you FORGET an existing connection?


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