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Directory content not showed

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:59 pm
by max
I got a tronsmart M1000
When I browse the folders with ezcast app (both windows and android), for some folder no content is showed. Maybe it happens when the path is too long.

I debugged the javascript of Dir List page at url

When it calls the cgi-bin/dir.cgi the device reply with an empty string, so it jumps to document.write("NULL"); so it seems it is an internal error of cgi

Code: Select all

   $.get("cgi-bin/dir.cgi", {fullname:urlname}, function(dir_list)
      //   document.write(dir_list);
        errindex=dir_list.indexOf("dir open Error");
           //alert("please check your udisk in");   
         var i=0;
                //document.write (" read null form udisk directory  !");

How I can debug cgi running in the device??

Re: Directory content not showed

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:34 pm
by Henry Chou
Thanks. We will check it soon.
EZCast: Henry